Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Bad, bad math.

Ok, gather 'round, everyone. I'm going to impart a bit of wisdom you all would do well to heed. if you ever listen to anything I ever say to you, make it this; trust me.

NEVER have more shots than beers. NEVER, EVER, EVER. EVER.

I had the dubious honor of turning 34 yesterday. The plan, as presented to me, was for a few friends to help celebrate quietly. Why must my home consistently be turned in to a house of lies? "Few" turned into roughly 20, and "quiet" became "Tiki Night" at McGarveys'. I was deceived. And boy did I pay for it. I had more shots than beers. Never ever again. In fact, I think I'm abolishing all shots entirely. It's not worth feeling like I have part of Annapolis' sewer system running through me. Yuck.

Anyhoo, i still plan on posting stuff about the trip with the Foxxe, i lave lotsa lists to share, and so much more!

See ya!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Catchin' up.

Hello, my little monkeys. I must apologize for my absence as of late. Busy busy busy. Some important items, tho;

most importantly, a belated blogesque 'shout-out' to the lovely Heather Jean Shannon Thomas, who had a most delightful birthday scant days ago. Her blog, 'Shards,' is a wonderful amalgam of thoughts, beliefs, and cool sites where you can make a characature of yourself holding a fish. Good, good stuff.

And now, in honor of Mrs. Shannon's (tee hee hee "Mrs.") birthday, I shall compose seventeen anagrams from Heather Shannon's Birthday.


Ok, there will only be two, because i suck at this (but I CAN do the 'floating thumb' thing pretty well.

Happy Birthday, Heather!