Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I believe...and I cry

Tonight I was subject to one of the most disheartening experiences I've ever had. It's not abnormal, mind you. In fact, it's totally understandable. Tonight, the Silver Fox lost faith. Truth be known, we all did at one point or another. I mean, Schilling giving up 6 runs in 3 innings is enough to make any one soul weep. Hell, I cried a bit. But, if there's one immutable thing I've learned, it's that Baseball Jesus loves us, and will come through.

I believe in Baseball Jesus.

Say it with me.

I believe in Baseball Jesus.

I totally understand in a temporary lapse of faith. I can understand it. Totally.

Personally, i have suffered at the hands of baseball as much as anyone.

And tonight, when The Silver Fox weakened, I almost faltered with him.

but I have faith. Enough for two.

Go Sox, go.

Tomorrow night, Pedro.

And I FULLY expect The Silver Fox to march along side me.

He is my best friend, and I believe in him.

As much as Baseball Jesus.

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D said...

The game will start in minutes...

...Baseball Jesus...I believe!!!