Friday, February 18, 2005

Mine Eyes Hath Seen The Glory...

My God.

I just finished watching A League Of Thier Own.

My God.

I never realized how much of a perfect synthesis of all that is right in this world that movie is.

Baseball and chicks.

Chicks and baseball.

Chicks playing baseball.

Hot chicks playing baseball.

Hot chicks playing baseball in skirts!

My God.

And if you took out Rosie "Ima Guy" O'Donell and Madonna, they'd be Hella-hot chicks playing baseball in skirts.

Although, truth be told, I can think of one other cutie that would look hella-hot in one of dem dere outfits, and she'd make one hell of a second baseman. (I'd pay to see her hit fifth or sixth. My money's on .295/20/85, OPB .800 anyway; she's too swank to throw out.)

Now, excuse me whilst I go do just that.

11 days, 23 hours, 16 minutes until spring training.!


Anonymous said...

There's actually a lesbian adult film in production called "A League of their Moan" starring Rosie O'Donnell. I don't know about you, but I plan on watching her slide into home.

kimmyk said...

Oh for the love of God!

kimmyk said...

"A League of their Moan"= for the love of God. Meaning, they will come up with a porn title for anything relating to another movie.