Thursday, June 24, 2004

And two bad ones...

1. BankOne Ballpark, Phoenix: Imagine traveling in the desert. It's hot, you're hot, no end in sight. And then, on the horizon, you see a vision. Your spirits perk up, and you run to it. As you get closer, you realize it's a really big, sterile box. But you go in anyway. You see the roof is open, and the air conditioning is on full blast, which makes as much sense as positioning the diamond caddie-corner to the box itself, creating a shape not normally found in nature. Now try to picture yourself surrounded by 30,000 retirees in purple and green who don't know baseball from thier medication keeping them alive, with their grandkids waving plastic rattlesnake heads packed with beads at nothing in particular. The pool in center field everyone is crazy about? Let's just say from 50 feet I could make out the ring of scum around the inside. One saving grace though, and this keeps BankOne from the bottom; lining the concours, around the entire ballpark, is a banner that pays tribute to every ballpark ever used in major league history, even the torn down ones. That was really cool. It helped dull the pain of being surrounded by people who were never loved.

2. Memorial Stadium, Philadelphia: Imagine BankOne Ballpark had a toilet. One that it forgot about. Five minutes before gametime, I was the only person the the main bathroom behind home plate. I won a hot dog because I had a Red Sox hat on.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how much you two are going to like Busch Stadium, but I have very fond memories (two World Series, a pennant, and many years of season tickets) of the place. A couple recommendations: try the bratwurst, the nachos (with jalapenos) and DO NOT forget to bring Tums. -- Alyson