Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Cutting-edge Midget Theory.

This is correct. I have a theory on midgets. I couldn't tell you why I have a theory on midgets, but that doesn't detract from my having one. And here it is.

"Any given scenario, no matter how somber, morose, or gruesome, will be rendered comedic immediately if a midget throws a pie at the protagonist of the situation."

Go ahead. Try to prove me wrong. I've logged myriad hours over my years to disprove this theory. In fact, if noone has any objections, I'd like to consider it an axiom. Just think...

Bunny's Midget Axiom

My mom would be so proud of me.


Will said...

I've got two more axioms for you to ponder:

1. Any statement, no matter how serious or heartfelt, will be rendered insincere by concluding it with a mock term of endearment, like "sport" or "tough guy." (e.g. "Thank you so much for saving my little boy's life, chief.")

2. You can stop any conversation immediately, no matter how involved or animated, by interjecting with the statement, "Dude, it's just like in the movie Willow."

Anonymous said...

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