Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Foxy List.

An extra-special WAHOOO! the The Silver Fox, who turns a paltry 34 today. That's right, ladies, step right up and lay yer dowry down!

In honor of TSF, here are some interesting statements about the number '34.' It's my gift to you, Fox. I'm so sorry. 

Fun Statements About The Number 34. (or, the Foxy list)

1. "34" was Nolan Ryan's number when he pitched.
2. "3" plus "4" equals 7.
3. If you say the numbers really fast ("threefour") it sounds almost like your sneezing.
4. 34 is half of 68.
5. In Egyptian times, they used 'numbers' to count things, much like they do today in modern Mesopotamia.
6. "3443" is a palindrome.
7. In Chaldean numerology, "34" is "3+4."
8. Also in Chaldean numerology, "3+4" signifies enthusiastic, optimistic, and fun-loving. That's   
our wacky Fox to a T!
9. The Yankees have 34 losses today! (That's about 100 too few, the dicksuckers.)
10. The Royals only have 34 wins today!
11. 33 is only one away from being 34! (keep streching and drinking your milk, little one!)
12. Jose Cappellan of the Greenville Braves is the 34th best player in the AA minors!
13. If you put 17 women in a room, you'd have 34 boobies!
14. The T-34 medium artillery tank was designed in 1937!
15. Exodus 34 quotes, ""Cut two stone tablets like the former, that I may write on them the commandments which were on the former tablets that you broke." Gee!
16. in 1861, America's flag only had 34 stars! (Look out! Here comes Kansas!)
17. Chapter 24, paragraph 1 of Utah's Code 34 specifically prohibits blacklisting employees!

Gosh! That's seventeen already, 34!!!

Boy, we sure had fun tonight, didn't we my little monkeys! Well, Fox, have an outstanding birthday, and I'm sorry I'm not there to share it with ya. Have many for me, ok?

See ya everyone.


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