Friday, July 16, 2004

The stage is set...

In a brief moment of unfamiliarity, I left the cocktail locale up to New Character. And it appears she won't disappoint. We are off to Finn MacCool's Cork Publick House in DC. I opted for DC simply because I have been here too long not to have a better knowledge of our nation's capital. Plus this way, when I have burned Annapolis to the ground, I'll have a backup plan.
As you all no doubt know ('specially you kah-razy Beantown folk), Finn MacCool, the legendary Celtic hero, was the leader of the Fianna √Čireann, a corps of 3rd-century warriors and hunters that protected Ireland from invasion. Stories of the Fianna that were written down in the 12th century form the Fenian cycle, which remains a vital part of Irish folklore.
Of course you knew that. Geez, I'm Italian and I'm on it.
Interesting fact about this place; no Guiness on tap. Ok, Q-townies, just breathe. Apparently, the reason stems from the owners not wanting to go with the norm. Instead, it is one of, if not the only, bars in DC to pour Beamish on tap. And, might I say, a well-poured Beamish can be every bit rewarding as a Guiness.
We have concocted a theoretical agenda for discussion (well, actually, she did. I simply rode the coattails to glory.) This agenda includes explaining everyone's nicknames to her. Should she ply enough 'potent potables,' it'll happen, too. Sorry, guys, I'll fight the good fight as long as I can. But we all know a full house (three beers and a rack) beats the possible reprocussions of friends, especially those who would agree with me on this.
Oh, and I just got wind Snuggles is coming to town next weekend to sup form the baseball cup; by which I mean we're going to the Sox vs. Orioles. Tee hee hee.


whiskypants said...

Not just any rack, mind you. They're quite lovely.

The Silver Fox said...

Three beers?

Quit lying - you'll it all up for the cleavage.