Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Return of the Thingie.

I had a much better title than that originally, I swear. I managed to completely forget it as I was writing it (or not writing it, as it were.) I intend to keep my promise of regailing you with tales from a broad, or abroad, whichever you prefer. But for the moment, I write for a different purpose.
I write to welcome.
Specifically, I write to welcome New Character to the blog universe. Everybody say "hi, New Character!" (No, I'm serious. Do it. Do it now. Do it now or I will come and cut you.)
So, a hearty and hale welcome to the newest member (hee hee, I said "member") New Character.
May your blogs always be interesting and frequent, lest your fifteen minutes of fame dwindle prematurely.
Oh yeah, before I forget, she emailed me today and said,
"I am notorious for being bendy. It's good. It's part of my seduction routine. What do you prefer? Oh, this day is so much better now that we've had some dirty exploits. Will you let me sit?"
We're going out for drinks Saturday night.


whiskypants said...

Oh, Bunny Baby... You are in such trouble. If you're a masochist (and I think we all know that you are), you're in luck...

The Silver Fox said...

Allright, 'fess up - who is this mysterious lady you've apparently been keeping under wraps? Or have I met her already...?