Thursday, July 01, 2004

New Character challenge...

In fairness to New Character, there are some corrections I need to make regarding earlier postings with any reference to New Character. Sorry, babe, I meant no offense. So, here we go.

a. We, in fact, ate at a Lebanese restaurant, not Indian as I preveously alluded to.

b. New Character does not like girl-on girl...only. It is merely another color on her palate of carnal delights from which she can choose.

Now, the challenge. New Character inadvertantly divulged her middle initial to be "G." When I asked her what it stood for, she asked me what I hoped it stood for. (I know, I know; she'll learn.)

What I hope New Character's "G" stands for

1. Good God, that'll never fit!
2. Good God, how did you ever get it to fit?
3. Gotta get it on!
4. Give it up...TO MYSELF!
5. Goin' DOWNTOWN!
6. Gentle, rolling fjords
7. Gonna get me some Adam!

Sigh. The likelihood I am even close to it is staggeringly small. If only I had some good pick-up lines...

or do I?

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